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Specialized High End Custom Drums in Wood and Acrylic.



Can I buy a Drum Kit via a BuyNow Button on the Website ?

No. This Website is showcasing our catalogue and purchases need to be arranged by phone, email or telephone.

Can I pay by cheque or bank transfer ?

Yes. Please refer to our “How to Buy” section on this Website.

Are the Solidrum Models exhibited on this website available to purchase ?

Yes. All Solidrums designs shown on our catalogue are available in stock. When any of the drums is not in stock we will build one from scratch just for you. No other costs are added.

Will the drum cost be more because it is not in stock ?

No, but upgrades or add-ons will add cost to your original price. When placing your order tell us what you need.

Do Solidrums sell low budget drum sets ?

No. All our products are priced fairly taking into account our quality of materials, craftsmanship, specifications and export delivery.

Can i have a drum designed bespoke to my requirements ?

Yes. This can include Custom alterations of your choice, such as bespoke configuration, taylor made special alterations for physical impairment or ergonomics, finishes, choice of woods or any other personal requirements.

How long those it take to receive my drums from placing my order to delivery?

It will depend on your drum requirements and if we already have one available or need to build one. It is always best  to keep a good line of communication. We will keep you informed every step of the way. You can talk to us anytime for an update!