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Specialized High End Custom Drums in Wood and Acrylic.

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Sebastian Peyceré is one of the most important drummers of our environment, and its influence over the years has been felt with several drummers who have studied with him. Playing with the group of Adrian Iaies, Touch, or the Ghetto, with Lito Epumer, or Malosetti Javier Luis Salinas, Sebastian has achieved respect and a reputation as few have done. Owner of a natural talent, speed and superior musical ability, Sebastian was forged in a drummer who knows how to move well in any musical situation. My strongest memory of Peyceré goes back to the years 86 'or 87', when Touch (Touch were: Iaies on piano and keyboard, Carlos Madariaga on bass, guitar and Ernesto Dymitruck Oscar Feldman on sax) played in Shams av. Federico Lacroze in Belgrano, and drove me to Adrogué by bus, because in the morning there were no more trains to South. Sebastian was very young, but it was a hurricane, an erupting volcano. He stood out so that even had its own set where it was one of almost 10 minutes and left him alone on stage. His performances were famous as a new example of the battery, which had already been emphasizing with the rock band Sweet 16, with whom he played for 15 years. Like many others, Sebastian has had difficult times, which fortunately has gone through to reach this horizon and prospects.

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