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Specialized High End Custom Drums in Wood and Acrylic.

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Carlos Riganti (Carlos Gustavo Riganti; March 16, 1951 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentinean tango drummer, instructor and band leader.

On the late sixties he first became known as a member of Materia Gris. The band gained recognition for being the first Argentine group to make a progressive rock opera.

Coming to prominence in 1974 when he cofounded tango fusion band Alas with Gustavo Moretto in keyboards and Alex Zuker in bass guitar, they made two records on the 70’s, Buenos Aires Solo es Piedra in 1974 and Pinta Tu Aldea which it wasn't released until 1983 Astor Piazzolla a legend on his own time as an avant gard Tango composer called Alas the most successful progressive band of all times.

During the mid 1970’s Riganti joined several Argentine groups as an in demand drummer. In 1977 played with Raul Porchetto along with Pedro Aznar, Luis Borda and Santiago Fandiño, Also in 1977 was a band member of C.C.Cutaia with Carola and Carlos Cutaia. In 1979 he moved to Spain and joined along with Ciro Fogliatta and Gustavo Gregorio, legendary Argentine songwriter Moris es:Moris. He is considered the “Father of Rock Nacional” term for Argentine rock music sung in Spanish. Biography coming soon.

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